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 "First thing I think of when I wake up in the morning... Pillars drinkable Greek yogurt! As a dietitian I know the importance of having a healthy AND delicious start to my day. I blend my favorite vanilla flavored pillars with peanut butter and a banana like a smoothie and I’m good to go! With only 5 grams of sugar, and both pre and probiotics, a morning like that cannot be beat!"

Marisa M., Registered Dietician


“As a health professional (physician), I truly believe that optimal nutrition makes us healthier and stronger, and Pillars is the best on the market. For just 100 calories there's so much goodness with no added sugar and it's fat free.  It's the burst of energy I need in the middle of the day, in fact I drink at least one bottle every day!”

Susan V., Registered Physician


“I stumbled on Pillars at my local Market Basket. I am a lifelong lover of Kefir, however I gave it up some time ago due to the added sugar in the fruit flavored varieties, some have as much as 28g per serving! Pillars on the other hand is wonderfully (naturally) flavored without ANY added sugar,  packs a great big 18g of protein, zero fat and lots and lots of pre & probiotics! How much more nutrition can you pack into one little bottle? I work from 3pm to 11:30pm and don't eat dinner until 8:30pm. The one little bottle at 5pm holds me over easily until my dinner hour. I love this stuff.  Would welcome a few more flavors, like pear, or a citrus variety. Great product! Clean, lots of protein, no added sugar. Can't ask for much more. Thank you!”

Jane H.,  Customer


"I love myself a Pillars after a good workout. Whether it's before or after a swim, a wild surfing session, or an early morning run, Pillars is the perfect answer to hunger and an active lifestyle. What's not to love? It tastes good, and is incredibly healthy. I like to have my favorite flavor "Mixed Berry" with some coffee. Jim Rohn once said 'Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

Sam M., Triathlete Competitor


As a father of three and very busy small business owner, I am careful about choosing high quality snacks to keep my family healthy and energized through the day. Pillars is our go-to, delicious, no sugar added, high protein healthy snack that my kids enjoy and I love.”

Mark L., Business Owner