Naturally simple, Naturally good

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The pillars of good health, bottled.


Delicious drinkable Greek yogurts, made from a few simple ingredients. Our yogurts are non GMO, with nothing artificial and are naturally low in calories and carbs, with no added sugar. We source our ingredients responsibly and our milk comes from family farms who pledge to never use any hormones.



Not just for drinking.

YouR favorite recipes with a deliciously healthy twist


Our story

Founder Eric Bonin spent 2 years sourcing the best ingredients and perfecting a recipe that’s known as much for what’s left out as what’s in it. Less of the bad, more of the good.



We love our fans!

As a physician, I truly believe that optimal nutrition makes us healthier and stronger, and Pillars is the best on the market. […] In fact I drink at least one bottle every day!
— Susan Volger, Registered Physician
First thing I think of when I wake up in the morning... Pillars drinkable Greek yogurt! As a dietitian I know the importance of having a healthy AND delicious start to my day.
— Marisa McCoy, ShopRite Dietitian
As a father of three and very busy small business owner, I am careful about choosing high quality snacks to keep my family healthy and energized through the day. Pillars is our go-to.
— Mark Lawson, Business Owner
I love myself a Pillars after a good workout. Whether it’s before or after a swim, a wild surfing session, or an early morning run, Pillars is the perfect answer to hunger and an active lifestyle.
— Sam Mackie, Triathlete Competitor


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